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By Jonathon Larson

Through the lens of a group of friends living on the outskirts of society in New York in the 90's, Rent urges its audience to love and live life to its fullest because none of us know how much time we have. The scenic design strives to create and environment where the looming presence of time and memory has morphed the landscape of New York in the 1990's. A metal structure of fire escapes and hints of dressing for each location in the musical creates the angular, harsh world these characters are living in. This structure is on a pivot point and spins to express the passing of time and movement of the city. The tension between the harsh angles of the metal and the circular movement of the set creates a duality integral to the design.

Director: Todd McNerney, Scenic: Carrie Ferrelli, Costumes: Katie Bailey, Lighting: Lauren Duffie, Sound: DJ Edwards


Scenic Design


College of Charleston Emmett Robinson Theater


April 2017

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