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DEvised piece based on the themes of Playboy of the western world

Devised with Gaiety School of Acting Students in Dublin, Ireland

Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge is about a strange, new man who comes into a small town in the West of Ireland and causes quite a stir as the town, especially the town's women, becomes obsessed with him, despite the fact that there are rumors he is a killer. Our charge was to create a piece based on the themes of this play with students from the Gaiety School of Acting in Ireland. We wanted to play off of the theme of "the outsider" breaking a restrictive, ruled world. In order to do this, we created a structured, robotic environment using grids, which I further emphasized in my theoretical rendering. Sharp, angled lighting and robotic, rhythmic movement created this world. Introducing an outsider who brings color, texture, and intrigue into this world changes the people and environment itself. Watch the piece we devised together to the right. The renderings above show what we would do with this piece given the money and time for a more formal performance.

Costumes by John Merritt

Performance Video

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