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The unusual tale of mary and joseph's baby

By Don Chaffer and Chris Cragin-Day

The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph's Baby is a folk musical retelling of the Christmas story. Through a modern lens, the musical brings a reality and humanity to the story of two refugees, Mary and Joseph, who have been given an impossible responsibility and gift that tests their faith in god and in each other. The set expresses the dualities present: nature and man, heaven and earth, and the inherent differences between Mary and Joseph. The fabric is representative of the ethereal world of the angel and Mary's femininity. The reclaimed wood deck and stone quarry surround is representative of earth and Joseph's profession and grounded attitude. The jigged quarry texture is an environment that shows the mark of man on nature. The river splitting the stage provides separation for different locations as well as bringing in the element of water, commonly used in birth and religious ritual. As the angel comes into the environment, the fabric takes over the space, making the ethereal dominant in the environment. Utilizing elements provides a timeless environment for this epic, yet human story.

Director: Laura Dupper, Assistant Director: Amelia Peterson, Scenic: Carrie Ferrelli, Costumes: Erin Reed, Lighting and Photos: Alice Trent


Scenic Design


River and Rail at the Old City Performing Arts Center


December 2019

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