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The Magic Flute

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Magic Flute explores the balance between good and evil, nature and mankind, chaos and order among countless other epic opposing forces in the universe. The scenic design seeks to draw upon these epic clashes while creating opportunities to explore power balances through staging. At the time Mozart wrote The Magic Flute, the enlightenment which represented order, intellectualism, and the triumphs of mankind brought with it a renewed interest in classical architecture. The artistic movement which directly reacted against these ideas was the romantic movement which had an interest in nature and emotion. Utilizing these two artistic frameworks, the set strikes a balance between these two worlds. The levels allow for dynamic staging which can show the power dynamics between the godlike figures in the show and their more human counterparts. The entire set revolves to allow for an always shifting, ethereal landscape that allows us to travel from wild cliff faces to pristine palaces.

Director: Evan Parry, Scenic: Carrie Ferrelli, Costumes: Janine McCabe, Lighting: Lauren Duffie, Music Director: Sandy DeAthos-Meers, Conductor: Yuriy Bekker​


Scenic Design


Sottile Theater, Charleston, SC


February 2022

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