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Cove Creek Boys and Summer Girls

By Julia Marks

Cove Creek Boys and Summer Girls tells Summer and Sam's story; a story of two beings born of the same stream separated by time, space, and ocean. These characters represent Appalachia and Ireland, two cultures with strong links geologically, genealogically, and culturally. The scenic design represents elements which capture the fundamentals of these connections in a simple way; childhood wonder in water, the haunting unknown of the woods, and storytelling around a fire. As the play explores the idea of a collective memory, the design morphs these elements into a footprint of reality with their transparency and interaction with light. This magical quality in these ephemeral forms creates a non realistic landscape for these two worlds to live between.

Consultant Director: Liam Halligan, Scenic: Carrie Ferrelli,  Sound: Conrad JB, Producer: Robyn Brady, Company: iiistates collective


Scenic Design


Scene and Heard, Smock Alley Theater; Dublin, IE


February 2020

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