Born and raised in Nashville, TN, I am an emerging stage designer excited to tell the stories that matter. I am passionate about clean, evocative design and storytelling that pushes audiences to expand their perception. I love creative problem solving, collaborating with teams that share my passion, and believe that from broad strokes to minute details, every part of a design should have meaning. New challenges excite me, so I am always looking to develop new skills and expand into new genres and fields; I am not afraid to take a risk.


I am currently receiving my MFA in Scene Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville after spending my undergraduate years in South Carolina at the College of Charleston. Recent credits include People Where They Are, The Real Inspector Hound (Clarence Brown Theater), The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph’s Baby (River and Rail), Feathers and Teeth (What If? Productions), and the production design for the latest music video for local Knoxville band The Appetites. As an assistant, I have worked on productions in theaters across the country including Pure Theater, Olney Theatre Centre, Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, and most recently with Tony award winning scenic designer Donyale Werle at New York City Center. Upcoming projects include Scenic and Projection design for Airness at the Clarence Brown Theater, projection design for the operas The Old Maid and the Thief and Amelia Goes to the Ball at The Bijou, and my international debut, Cove Creek Boys and Summer Girls at Dublin’s Scene and Heard festival.

When I'm not designing, I am improving my Italian, perfecting my cold brew recipe, and being far too invested in Formula 1 Racing.


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