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Billie Eilish tour  design

In this theoretical concert design, we explore the ways that Billie presents perception in her music. Lighting designer Helen Garcia Alton and I put together the set list which leads us through a narrative arc which is supported by the design. Through the show we are navigating the sides of Billie’s identity as she has presented it to the public; vacillating between high highs and low lows. We are taken through a journey between dream and reality, coming out of the other side with Billie’s hopeful note to her future self: “my future.” The encore is “Bad Guy,” her most popular song, all about how we create false versions of ourselves to match the false version of everyone else.

In the scenic and projection design, I am utilizing a black mirror overhanging a stage of video panels which reflects the content as well as Billie herself and pieces of the audience. the Black mirror effect warps the world around us in subtle ways. The content enhances these themes by playing with warping, glitching, and shattered illusions. Halfway through the concert, a glass box which can be projected upon rises from the stage and carries Billie over the audience, where it will land and unfold to reveal a B Stage. The overall piece allows for Billie to connect with her audience as well as achieve the thematic and emotional points we set out to achieve.


Scenic and Video Design


Theoretical Design



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