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An Enemy of the People

By Henrik Ibsen

The scenic design seeks to represent the state of a community and world where violations to water rights become possible. An Enemy of the People is about a community rotting from the outside in. Whether it’s the water itself, the wellbeing of the economy, or the moral fiber of the community, it is rotting slowly and the parties responsible refuse to acknowledge, let alone fix, the problem. The set reflects this idea; the nature encroaches, screaming it’s warning that something is not right. Throughout the show, the nature and wood beneath it begins to rot until their entire world seems to be rotten as the community has made a conscious choice to compromise moral high ground in favor of temporary economic stability.

Director: Susan Kattwinkel, Scenic and Projections: Carrie Ferrelli, Costumes: Margaret Lavigne, Lighting: Rylee Miller, Sound: DJ Edwards


Scenic and Projection Design


College of Charleston Emmett Robinson Theatre


February 2018

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